Organise your cooking!

Cooking is a hot topic. More and more people start to see cooking as a relaxing hobby, instead of a daily need. And why shouldn’t they? Because what is better than emptying your mind after a stressful day, by preparing a healthy meal?

For a relaxing cooking experience you only need one thing: preparation. By cutting all ingredients before you turn on the heat, you don’t have to divide your attention and things won’t get messy or stressful.

The ‘Dubbelop’ cutting board helps you to organize these preparations. By placing ‘Dubbelop’ on top of a regular dining plate, you will double the amount of space for your preparations. You can shove the ingredients that are cut on the plate below, leaving you enough space on your board. And on top of from this, the ingredients for cooking will get organized nicely on the diner plate. So after cooking just take the plate to your pan for a relaxed and organized cooking process.


'Dubbelop' was developed for the anual Design Competition of Dutch brand HEMA. The theme of 2013’s competition was ‘Organize your Life’.

the 'Dubbelop' cutting board