Get busy is an application with two goals. For entrepreneurs, the front-end of Get Busy gives inspiration when starting up a business. The backend however offers researchers a platform to gather valuable, real-time information on multi-cultural entrepreneurship. Get Busy was developed as a research tool during a project on the role of social capital in Turkish Entrepreneurship.

The application Get Busy

The Application

Are you an entrepreneur? Get Busy helps you to startup a business in the most inspiring way. A daily dose of inspiration on entrepreneurship provides you with just that information to get your dreams concrete. By saving the information that inspired you, you can capture the essence of your business in personal mood boards that are ready to communicate your ideas to the outer world. Next to that different tools are available to get insights in your strategies and opportunities. So get inspired and Get Busy!

For the researcher Get Busy is the new platform for ongoing research. No more momentary snapshots in the information you receive, no more continuous effort to get people to participate. The new era of business research is about to start with Get Busy: an application for entrepreneurs that will give you tons of information about your target group. What inspires entrepreneurs? What types of resources do they use? How do new companies develop overtime? Information is easy to filter, adjust or categorize by nationality, sector or age.

The application Get Busy


Get Busy was developed during the project ‘Cultural Interventions’, about bridging the cultural differences between the Dutch and the Turkish culture. More than being a functional application, Get Busy proposes a new way of doing cultural research.

Cultures are no a static facts, but rather ever-changing processes of making meaning in the patterns that we see around us. Therefore a research about cultures should not focus on answers, but should have this same dynamic and diverse character as cultures have. Conclusions about cultural research can never be static, they should capture the changing meaning over time.

This means that there is no end point in cultural research, there is never a moment that the ‘truth’ is found. By the time you define it, it changes again. Therefore with Get Busy I propose a platform to capture the dynamics and to give a real-time overview of the current cultural state.

Cultural Research