2012 - now   |   In collaboration with Maarten Versteeg

Interaction with Memento Interaction with Memento: open the front lid to record, open the back lid to play, and pull the chain through the hanger to find fragments

Memento is an interactive sound locket that can be used to record and store sound fragments as mementoes. The locket is the result of an exploration on 21st century accessories that respect the traditions and values that are connected to jewelry.

The interaction with Memento’s digital content is inspired on interaction with traditional lockets. It has two lids. By opening the front – that faces the world – audio will start recording until the lid is closed again. Opening the back lid – the one facing the wearer – will activate playback of previously made recordings. Memento can store up to 50 sound fragments. Scrolling through the fragments can be done by pulling the chain through the hanger. Fragments that are played back more often are easier to find, since they take in more space on the chain.

Storing of Fragments on Memento The more a fragment is listened to, the easier it becomes to retrieve

Memento is the result of a semester-long design project in 2012 but it is still under development. Together with Maarten Versteeg – who coached the project at the time – we are trying to make the locket fully functional and ready for longitudinal evaluation. The design has been presented as a work-in-progress at TEI2016 and was part of the exhibition ‘Royal Showpieces’ at Dutch Royal palace Het Loo in 2014.

Memento concept video


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