Memento is an interactive sound locket. Memento can be used to record, store, and playback sound fragments that represent important moments or memories to the wearer. The locket is the result of an exploration on 21st century accessories that respect the traditions and values that are originally linked to jewellery.

Subtle Interaction

The interaction with Memento’s digital content is inspired on interaction with traditional lockets. It has two lids: one for recording, which faces the world; and one for playback, which faces the wearer. Opening the corresponding lid will activate the recording or playback functionality.

Interaction with Memento

Scrolling through the fragments can be done by pulling the chain through the hanger. The importance of a fragment is dynamically linked to the number of times that it is played back. Fragments that are played back more often take in more space on the chain and are thus easier to retrieve. The subtle interaction in Memento creates a seamless fit with the context of use. Scrolling interaction

Continuation in research

Currently, Memento is being worked-out in collaboration with Maarten Versteeg and the Fontys university of Applied Science. We plan to use the resulting prototypes in a longitudinal evaluation, where we deploy instances of Memento in a real-life context. The main objectives of the evaluation will be (1) to observe the use of the interactive jewel, the value of the digital content, and the value of the object itself and (2) how these aspects develop or change over time.

Memento has been part of the exhibition ‘Royal Showpieces’ at Dutch royal palace Het Loo in 2014.