By proclaiming the New Machine Era, STRP is going back to the basics of technology. The focus is on designing low-tech applications for high-tech problems. In other words: finding simple solutions to very complex issues. The aim is to make technology accessible and visible again, instead of ‘hiding’ it inside a computer’s motherboard. With the audience, we want to marvel again at the creative opportunities technology can offer.

Beautiful but Useless

In order to do so in innovative and co-creative ways, a number of teams worked together in a “proeftuin”, on a beautiful but useless mega-machine. The machine was displayed on a STRP Biennale stage for ten days, where it stared as an installation and live performance at the same time.

The new machine era

The result

With a group of students from Industrial Design, we designed one part of the machine, which represents a student room. Multiple transitions (both analog and digital) guide the motion from the desk, through the bookshelves towards the bed, where the next group was triggered again. All together the machine rolled for about ten minutes.

One of the many transitions